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Green Deal Cashback

Cashback for households who opt to become more energy efficient?
Sounds incredible but it is true, by choosing a new boiler you could receive cash back from the government Green Deal Scheme.

Many households suffer from massive heat loss. This is most commonly due to poor or no insulation as well as low grade glazing and also low efficiency heating systems. For every kw of heat your house loses, thats another kw your low efficient boiler needs to replace. We all seem to be aware that our winters seem to be colder for longer and with the ridiculous high cost of energy bills too many of us are choosing to live cold and uncomfortable and this is not fair.

There is now a solution that really does help balance things out and will enable us all to live in warm efficient houses. It is called the green deal scheme and is being introduced by the government as Britains way of reducing its carbon footprint. The basic idea is that the homeowner can make massive energy saving improvements to their home without having to foot the upfront costs. Better still the costs are spread out up to 25 years and these repayments are added to the energy bill.
Now don’t panic when we say it is added to your energy bill this does not mean your bills are going to go up because the principle is to save enough energy so that even with the repayments added on your bill will not raise and better still could be lower. Even better still, because the improvements are part of the house the repayments stay with the house so if you decide to sell the new home owners take on the repayments.

One of biggest expenses in owning a house is heating and not just in terms of bills but also cost of maintenance and repairs. So many live in homes with boilers that are 10 years old and in constant need of repair but because of the large expense of replacing it we opt to simply keep on repairing the boiler. These boilers are often carrying an energy rating of D,F,E or even G meaning the way in which they operate and burn fuel is by no means efficient.
Simply swapping such a boiler for an A rated appliance could bring in savings upto a huge £300 per year. Your central heating system could also benefit from new radiators and thermostatic radiator valves which in turn also increase the energy efficiency of your heating system. With all this in mind then it could be time for you to live a little warmer for a little less money. Also do not forget that you maybe entitled to receive up to £1000 in cash back for making such energy improvements to your home.

One thing that helps make the Green Deal process approachable is the application process. All homes have the opportunity to receive a free energy efficiency assessment after which you will be shown all the improvements that could be added to your property and the energy gains this will produce. 

A green deal provider will then be instructed to draw up a green deal plan with you. This plan will contain all the improvements your are willing to take on board in order to improve your property. Your provider will have recommended green deal installers who will be able to quote for the works. As MW Gas is part of the scheme, we would be more than happy to help you with the application process from start to finish, including the installation and any other maintenance work involved. Once all this is agreed you can then apply for your cashback online or by phone, many green deal providers/installers may be able to organise this for you. Once the works are completed you are then entitled to redeem your green deal cash back voucher.

It really is this simple and as with all government incentive schemes, throughout this process your are not under any obligation to sign on the dotted line until you are absolutely certain and happy with the process.

Don’t forget the golden rule that all the works done will not incur repayments that will increase your energy bill but will in fact aim to reduce them and this stays with the property even if you decide to sell.

For more information and free consultation regarding the Green Deal scheme, please contact us on 07800 800 678 or on 07047 800 678 and we will be delighted to help you!
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